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Why ELE Ireland Schools



We protect the student journey from registration to course completion.   This unique approach to protecting our English Language students has come from listening to our partners and students.  We have a unique approved Escrow payment facility where student/agent fees are protected by Transfermate which is regulated under the central bank rules for finance.   Fees will only be released to an ELE school when a student has landed safely in Ireland and is ready to commence their course. Students can be confident of the security of their fees at all times.



ELE Ireland schools further ensure their students are protected throughout their course. Once an enrolled student is in the state and fees have been transferred to the school we then offer protection through an approved ELE Student Protection Scheme. This scheme applies to students with courses of over 12 weeks in duration.  Each member school has an agreement to accept students from each other ELE school in the event of being unable to complete the programme. This will have no cost to the student and all efforts will be in place to ensure a smooth transition in the unlikely event of a change required.




ELE Ireland’s mission is to be an organisation that promotes good governance and quality assurance amongst its members.  This ensures that each student can rely on standards that promote quality-driven English Language courses not forgetting the importance of the overall student experience.   The student is an integral part of how our schools make decisions from programme development to the overall performance of each school.  Quality over quantity is the overriding ethos amongst the ELE Ireland schools. Being passionate about English language, culture, nationality diversity, and being part of the students' life achievements is ingrained in ELE schools



Since their inception, each ELE Ireland member school has welcomed thousands of students through their doors for their English Language education experience.   It is a source of great pride that we have played an important part of our students’ journey and that their experience is one that is unforgettable.   

ELE Schools are committed to ensuring that students time spent in their schools is a unique and fulfilling part of their life path. Each ELE member looks forward to welcoming every student to their school and we hope that their time in Ireland at an ELE Ireland school remains with them for their life.




ELE Ireland Schools offer over 160 years of combined experience working with English Language students from all over the world.   Working with both adult and young learners, this experience ensures that the time spent in Ireland studying at our schools is both memorable and fulfilling. Many of our Directors are qualified English Language teachers themselves. They understand the depth of quality and necessary experience required to ensure every student's journey is both flawless and inspiring at all times.



ELE Ireland schools are all QQI / ACELS recognised and most schools are accredited by at least one international English Language high ranking professional accreditation body such as EAQUALS and IALC.  In addition, we are working together towards the future International Education Mark (English Language Education) or IEM (ELE) mark as it will be known, which will be the new standard of English Schools in Ireland.   This important change in regulation in Ireland is due to be implemented in 2023

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