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ELE Ireland is a quality-driven, experienced and globally respected group of international English Language Schools. 

ELE Ireland schools:
  • Are QQI / ACELS recognised and accredited by at least one international English Language high-ranking professional accreditation body. 

  • Pride themselves on dedicated attention to detail on every single individual or group English Language and ELT training course booking.

  • Work with adults and young learner students and operate courses full-time throughout the year. 

  • Offers 160 years of combined experience in the English language sector. 

  • Offer a unique Student Protection Scheme for enrolled learners (ELE Ireland SPS).

  • Partnered with TransferMate for secure Escrow account payments.

  • Are all independently Irish-owned and only operate and provide quality courses in Ireland


  • Our belief is that it is ‘all about the student’ which is shared with all member colleagues of          ELE Ireland uniquely protecting learners in advance of their arrival and throughout their programmes with our schools.

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