David Niland Galway Cultural Institute


CEO Galway Cultural Institute

Chairman ELE Ireland

GCI has grown from small beginnings to a year-round adult centre in a state of the art building overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Like our colleagues in English Language Education Ireland, we have created an environment where you will have an unforgettable experience, a place you will call home, make lifelong friends and achieve the success in English language that will prepare you for a successful career or further study. ELE Ireland is an association of quality schools with a  shared vision of mutual respect and cooperation promoting intercultural understanding among its students while learning English in Ireland.

Oliver Lyons Swan Training


CEO / Director Swan Training Institute 

Company Secretary ELE Ireland


Oliver Co-founded Swan Training Institute in 1988 and the school has grown from an initial Junior summer school into one of the better-known adult schools in Grafton Street, Dublin accredited by both QQI /ACELS and Eaquals.

Having held several high ranking English Language sector positions Oliver brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to ELE Ireland. As Company secretary of the organisation, ELE Ireland are in a position to ensure high-quality standards and compliances for English language provision are always at the forefront under Oliver's careful approach and management skills.   

Hugh Hughes Dorest College


Managing Director Dorset College

Quality Assurance ELE Ireland

Hugh is the Managing Director of Dorset College, a QQI recognised institution with programmes delivered up to level 8 on the NFQ.  Dorset College also has a vibrant English Language school that has both ACELS and Eaquals recognitions.  Hugh believes that collaboration between industry providers in ELT strengthens Ireland's role in the ELE Industry and assures the students of a great educational experience that they will take with them for life. One of the reasons for joining his colleagues in setting up ELE Ireland was to establish an open and transparent organisation for language schools to share ideas and grow together in a sustainable way. 

Kieron Mahon Active Language Learning


Director & Co-Owner Active Language Learning (ALL) 

Education ELE Ireland

Kieron is the Director and Co-Owner of the family-run ACELS Recognised and EAQUALS Accredited school - Active Language Learning (ALL). Kieron strongly believes that the very essence of the approach to top quality and assurance is the very reason ALL has joined with their ELE Ireland colleagues. ALL, in union with ELE Ireland, continues to endeavour to push the quality boundaries to ensure the overall student experience on every course and at every level is constantly at the forefront. ALL also strongly believes that in an ever-changing world there is an overriding reason to share, develop and grow with professionals such as ELE Ireland schools.                                           

Celestine Rowland Galway Cultural Institute


President / CEO Galway Cultural Institute (GCI)

Treasurer ELE Ireland

Celestine Rowland is the Managing Director and co-founder of Galway Cultural Institute (GCI), recognised by ACELS / QQI since its foundation and accredited by IALC (the International Association of Language Centres) and by EAQUALS.  GCI is part of the GBS Group which includes Galway Business School, its sister school, offering higher education QQI validated undergraduate and certificate programmes.

Having also chaired, and served, on many English language sector boards Celestine believes that the fundamental parameters of ELE Ireland are an amalgamation of some of Irelands top-class English language providers. Quality over quantity has always been the GCI template and ELE Ireland schools endeavour to continue this philosophy.

Michael McGarry Swan Training


CEO / Director Swan Training Institute 

Justice Liaison ELE Ireland


We have always had a personalised ‘hands-on ‘ approach to dealing with both our agents and our students.

Our main reason for collaborating with other school owners with the same approach and establishing a new organisation, ELE Ireland, was to project our similarly shared values of transparency and honesty in our dealings internally amongst ourselves and with government agencies and externally with agencies, students and trade association

Kevin Geoghegan Griffith College


Director International Office Griffith College

International Relations ELE Ireland

Kevin is the Director of the International Office at Griffith College Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Griffith College is one of Ireland's largest independent institutions offering Foundation, Degree and Master's Degree programmes.  The Griffith Institute of Language, the College's constituent language school, welcomes learners at its campuses to study a range of English language programmes.  English language students have full access to the College facilities as part of their studies

Kevin is passionate about the opportunities international education provides for students and is highly engaged in International Student welfare issues, having previously held the role of Vice-chair and board member of the Irish Council for International Students. 

Darrah Price International Scool of English


CEO The International School of English (ISE)

Marketing & Social Media ELE Ireland

Darragh Price is the CEO of ISE Ireland (The International School of English) 

ISE Ireland is a QQI / ACELS recognised school with centres in Dublin and Waterford. It has been providing quality English language courses to adults and junior students since 1997. ELE Ireland is the coming together of school owners who believe that working together enhances our already high-quality delivery of recognised courses and overall student experience. Togetherness, openness and transparency is key to the successful functioning of any organisation. It is this approach which is filled with vigour and vitality from all of the ELE Ireland members that makes this organisation a privilege for ISE Ireland to be a member of.